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Puppy Socials

I have teamed up with Brooklyn Yard Vet to offer structured, trainer-led puppy socialization classes. Please read the following information carefully:


Puppies up to 20 weeks who have had their first round of vaccinations.


We are offering drop-off puppy socials. Two trainers will work directly with a maximum of 6 puppies per class. Focus will be on developing appropriate play skills and building confidence. Classes are 1 hour and cost $25.


 Wednesdays and Sundays

2 pm – small puppy social – puppies who weigh less than 20 pounds

4 pm – large puppy social – puppies who weigh more than 20 pounds


Brooklyn Yard Vet / 1280 SE Holgate Blvd Portland OR 97202 (map)


The critical socialization period during puppy development occurs from roughly 5–16 weeks. This is the time to safely and positively expose puppies to all sorts of new and unfamiliar people, other dogs and animals, sights, sounds, surfaces, etc. Social distancing has made this difficult! Let trained professionals do some of the work for you.

The fine print:

  • Wait outside with your puppy. DO NOT ENTER THE CLINIC. We will come out wearing masks and bring your puppy into the clinic. After class is over, we will bring your puppy out to you.
  • First round of vaccines is REQUIRED. Please email a copy of your vaccine record to or bring it with you to the clinic.
  • There will be no refunds unless cancelled 24 hours prior to class (exceptions always made for health concerns).
  • The clinic will be completely sanitized before and after each class.
  • If your puppy is showing any sign of sickness, including diarrhea, vomiting, or coughing, they CANNOT attend class. Please email or call 216-466-1626 to cancel.
  • If you are showing any sign of sickness, please have a healthy family member drop off and pick up your puppy.
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JUST ADDED: Adolescent Play & Train drop-off classes at Brooklyn Yard Vet on Saturday evenings.
These drop-off classes will be on Saturdays from 5:30 pm to 7 pm. Each class costs $60 and is limited to 4 dogs. Class will be a combination of adolescent socialization and basic training (e.g., eye contact, hand target, sit). Dogs from 5 to 8 months are welcome to attend.
Note: These classes are designed for well-socialized dogs who’ve aged out of puppy socials. If you have questions about the suitability of a particular class for your dog, please contact me!

If you don’t receive a confirmation email after booking, please contact me to make sure your registration went through.

We are currently booking through December 20. There will be a new class schedule for 2021.

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Puppy Resources

Please remember that each puppy is an individual, so you may need extra help that is specific to your situation. The following links contain good, general advice.

House training:

Crate training:

Preventing resource guarding:

If you’d like to see a particular issue addressed, just let me know!